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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Just to remind all my fellow bloggers that tomorrow is national bloggers unite for human rights. To join the campaign follow this link


Friday, 2 May 2008

Sex Pest Seal attacks Penguin!

Amazing what pops up on the BBC News RSS Feed. This story is just a bit too unbelievable!


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Nokia N95 Shortcuts on the Main Phone Desktop

I just bought a Nokia N95 on the O2 UK Network, but when I switched it on I noticed that the shortcuts were not on the desktop as they usually are on the Nokia Symbian Software. However after a bit of searching around I managed to get it working. If you want the shortcuts on your phones desktop follow these instructions.



Menu ---> Tools ---> Settings ---> General ---> Personalisation ---> Standby Mode ---> Active Standby (set this to ON)!

There you are! Another handy tip from AskYourBlog!

For Nokia N95 owners this website has more tips and information


Friday, 11 April 2008

Tying a Woolly Bugger with the Terry Griffiths Book

Ok I have to admit, this is starting to get a little bit easier. I decided to tackle something with a little bit more going on. An olive Woolly Bugger. This is one of the most popular lures in a fly-fishermans box.

This fly needed me to be able to first tie the thread on, tie on some lead, then tie on some maribou tail with a sparkle bit, a gold wire, some pipe cleaner looking stuff and of course ye olde hackle.

The vice I got was pretty good for the money I'd like to point out. I bought it for £11.00 at FastMail Tackle.

There were some issues tying this fly, firstly my tying thread snapped. I ended up taking the pipe cleaner off and rethreading a new one on. The instructions were very clear and concise again, and the photos in the book really helped me understand what I was to do.

I must say I am starting to like this book. Maybe next week I will be ready to start in the world of Dubbing. If you have any tips for me as I tie my flies please leave a comment. This is only my 4th fly. I started tying yesterday! If I can do it, then anyone can.

If you are a fly fisher I would definitely recommend tying your own flies, it adds a whole new dimension to the sport. Its the difference between a McDonalds ready made predictable meal and a Slap up dinner at a posh restaurant. You know what you get with McDonalds and enjoy it but theres always something missing. With a slap up dinner you might not like it but you appreciate the ingredients that went into it.

I love analogies.

Fly Tying a Montana from the Terry Griffiths Book Again

My Fly Top, A Bought Montana Bottom

Hello Again,

The saga continues, only this time I have tried tying the Montana Fly from the book

I learned from some of the mistakes of the first time. For instance I learned how to actually put a hackle on, and how to tie a half hitch knot so this should have been a better experience.

In some ways it was but it was still difficult.

This fly was basically floss and the hackle feather tops were used as a tail.

One thing I would note about this book, the step by step instructions are actually pretty useful, and they each match up with a picture that shows you what the fly should look like. However what it doesnt tell you is how each thing should be tied on but most of the time you just have to make 2 or 3 turns with the main thread and your laughing.

Also when putting the hackle on, hackle pliers come in very very useful.

Any comments on my second attempt at fly tying are of course welcome!

After my semi-success with the montana I decided to revisit the Black Pennel. Again Hackle Pliers are very useful.

Adding Categories to Your Blogger Account

I was wondering how I could categorize my blog material on blogger as there is so much content and not alot of ways to sift through this content to find what you want.

I then found a blog that teaches you how to put categories into your blog via simply signing up for del.icio.us.

This is the categories adding post here at http://blogger-tricks.blogspot.com/

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Update on the Terry Griffiths Fly Tying for Beginners book

Ok, Here it goes.

I was reading the book during the evenings just before bed waiting for my fly tying vice to arrive. Once it finally did arrive my enthusiasm was at an all time low because I had been out all day and was pretty shattered. However. That aside, I decided to attempt the first fly in the Beginners Guide to Fly Tying Book. That all elusive Black Pennell.

The Black Pennell is quite a popular fly in the Irish Lough Fishing Scene so I was excited about tying my first.

Shown in the photo is my fly left against a real Black Pennell right (Like its hard to guess)!

I attached the vice to the nearest desk, got my tools at the ready and reached for the black thread. I watched the videos on you tube by David Cammiss who made it look easy but it couldn't be farther from the truth. Tying flies is harder than first anticipated.

I managed to get the thread onto the hook after a battle with my loose ends and wound it amateurishly up to the end of the hook. In books and videos professionals bunch the wraps expertly. Mine was just a tangle on a hook!

The feathers were first, and it said pluck 4-8 strands. I plucked 4-8 which turned out to be half the feather. Hastened to add this was tied on expertly.

In went the Black felt for the body of the fly which wouldnt stay in the right place and this was wound on again like a big tangle.

Then for the tinsel and the head another tangle.

Dont even get me started on the hackle! How on earth do you tie a hackle on without it looking like an Afro haircut with alapetia.

The end result can be seen in the image below.

Any improvement tips would be very very welcome. Tune in again for the next fly! The Montana..

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tying Flies

Andy at andyfishing.blogspot.com called me on Friday past to tell me he had tied some of his own flies and wanted me to join him in a spot of fishing to see what they were capable of. However I was unfortunately stuck working an all day shift at work which saw me folding paper. (Maybe I should put a post up to show how this exotic task is done!)

I digress. Andy managed to catch 2 trout using an orange cats whisker. (See the story here)

It got me thinking and spurred me into action. How does one tie a fly. To answer this question I visited probably Irelands best fly tier Frankie McPhillips in his shop in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. He recommended a book writin by Terry Griffiths called a Beginner's Guide to Fly Tying and a bag of materials which accompanied this book. Frankie was lucky he caught me on a day where I couldn't care less what I spent money on so I took it off his hands.

Maybe once my vice and assorted Flytying tools arrive I will put this book to the test and have a sort of mini review somewhere in this blog.

Anyhow the punchline of this post is that I found some brilliant Flytying videos for the real beginner that make it all look so easy.

All the videos can be found here from topflyman

This is a sample of what he has in store for you.

I found these videos inspiring and cant wait to tie some flies and catch some trout!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Apprentice

Ive just watched The Apprentice and my goodness there are so many look a likes in that show

Kevin Shaw Daffyd the Only Gay

Raef Bjayou Roger Federer

Michael Sophocles Jim from American Pie

Split Brain

Ever wondered how the brain would function if the two lobes were not attached to one another? Look no further. This man had an operation after severe brain damage to separate his lobes.

Take a look

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Blogger Issue using Google Webmaster Tools to Setup a Sitemap

For those of you who are bloggers and use Blogger.com as your main blogging software and use Googles Webmaster Tools, may have realised that setting up a Sitemap for the use of the Googlebots that crawl your sites is difficult.

It is difficult because in order to submit a Sitemap, the sitemap must be at the root of the webpage


for me it would be


However it is impossible to do this when you do not have access to this root directory.

Fear not for I have found a blogger who has a solution to this problem. The solution is to use the Atom feeds that already exist with every blogger account.

See the solution to this problem here

Its amazing Google do not have any information on this considering they own Blogger and their Webmaster tools. If your reading this anyone from Google, I wonder if it could be sorted out as people who use Wordpress seem to be able to get their sites mapped better on the Google search engine than users of Blogger.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Microsoft Helpful Hints

I found this at www.klipert.com very helpful with walkthroughs on how to fix some of your Microsoft problems and other tips like folding Napkins. A great resource of information

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Official Google Blog: Stuck in traffic?

Official Google Blog: Stuck in traffic?

This Blog Will show You how to get out of it!

Problems with 3 Mobile Network Web Settings and Nokia Handset

If you are having problems getting the mobile internet to work or need to restore a Message Centre or MMS service on your phone look no further. This is the sort of information that should be provided on the 3 Webpage but blatently is not. Visit the link below on the Nokia site and your problems will be fixed!

Fix My Problem Now!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Is it a good idea to take Drugs

Personally I would say No and I have found the Ultimate proof from the internet. Watch this druggie/thief struggle with gravity as he FALLS through some poor residents roof in Belfast

Friday, 7 March 2008

Tying a Bow Tie

After unsuccessfully trying to learn how to tie a bow tie from a book, I found the following video. Unfortunately I found it a couple of days too late and wore a pre-tied one on the night.

If all else fails, the ultimate cheater could wear a clip-on, and as the night wears on and the dress gets more informal you could take this off and replace it with an untied real one, for the ultimate in rakishness.

Can the blind see without any eyes

This is a class video. Amazing how some people can adapt to circumstances that they are placed in. This boy manages to see the same way a dolphin does by using echoes to decipher objects that lay around him.

The other 4 videos can be viewed here

Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Skateboarding Dog!

Ever wondered if an animal can do what we can do?! They can. This video of a Skateboarding dog is amazing! I love this sort of thing!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ever thought you had killed an Orchid, You Probably didnt

Have you ever overwatered an Orchid? I haven't..... oh OK then, maybe I have but thats not the point. The orchid wasn't dead though thanks to a little search on the internet I realised I had just shocked the damn thing into dropping its flowers. However you can bring it back to life. The following steps were found on

Beautiful Orchids

PHALAENOPSIS (fal-en-OPP-sis) - These plants are commonly referred to as "Moth Orchids" and are considered among the easiest of the orchid family to care for as well as the most recognizable. The long-lasting flowers bloom perfectly for up to three months, providing you ample return on your investment. The flowering intervals vary with each plant, and you may be treated to a bloom as often as twice a year. Phalaenopsis have become one of the most popular variety of orchids because of their low maintenance and delicate balance of poise and elegance.

Temperature: Phalaenopsis enjoy much the same temperature range as we do. The minimum temperature at night is 60-65 °F, while the average daytime temperature should be around 75-85 °F. Occasional deviations will not harm your plant, except when it is in bud - chilly temperatures may cause the plant to stop budding.

Phalaenopsis will flourish indoors under normal lighting conditions, with indirect sunlight being the most advantageous. Caution should be used when placing a Phalaenopsis in direct sunlight due to the fact that its leaves burn easily from too much exposure to the sun.

Water often enough to keep continuous moisture just below the surface of the medium, but be cautious of over-watering. Watering once a week is normally sufficient to keep your plant healthy and happy.

Phalaenopsis enjoy moist air, with a humidity level of 55-75% being ideal. Placing your plant over a tray or dish of water can increase moisture. Separate the pot and tray with pebbles or small stones to raise the height of your plant and ensure that it does not sit directly in the water.

Good results may be obtained by using a high-nitrogen fertilizer year-round at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Feed your plant once a month. In this instance, less is more. So be sure not to overdo it.

Plants should be repotted every other year and, because they grow upwards without spreading, can go back into the same sized pot. A medium-grade wood bark works well with the base of the bottom leaf at the surface of the medium. Water sparingly until new roots are well established.

When the last flower drops, cut your flower spike halfway down the stem. Continue caring for it and wait for a possible rebloom (See "rebloom" for complete instructions.)

CAR 2003 Radio in the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa

Some time ago I had a problem with my Blaupunkt CAR 2003 radio. I didn't know how to get the darn thing out to check it. However after much searching I was able to prize it out like a champion.

Make Sure You Have a Radio Code before you pull the radio out!

I had lost mine and there was a brilliant shop on ebay with user name dave_dnd was able to fix me up with one for £5. His webpage is http://www.dndservices.co.uk or if you want to scout him out on ebay his shop link is http://stores.ebay.co.uk/DND-Services-Ltd

1. There are 4 small bolts in the radio (mine were missing). These are of the allen key type so u need an allen key to remove them
2. You need a special tool that has 4 prongs to fit in the holes on the four corners of the radio. However all you really need is a Wire Coat Hanger cut into 4 pieces.
3.Push the 4 pieces of wire coat hanger into the 4 holes in the radio and hey presto, the radio should be released. Now pull the radio be warned it is still quite stiff. There you have it. The radio will be nicely in your hands

How to get Nvidia drivers working on a Laptop

Nvidia for some reason do not allow the latest driver updates to be run on a laptop. However fear not as there is a solution. Personally this has worked for me and I take no responsibility if it does not work for you.

There is a great site called LaptopVideo2Go.

In order to enable the latest Nvidia drivers to work on a laptop they use something called a Modded Inf. This isn't so me Paul Weller tribute that happened to star in Harry Potter, this means that the driver files supplied by Nvidia in the INF format have been modified by the people at LaptopVideo2Go to enable them to be run on a Laptop.

Try the following steps

1. Visit LaptopVideo2Go
2. Click on DownloadDrivers and Select the Operating System on the Left Hand Side that matches your own Operating System
3. In the table you will notice a list of drivers. The top set are probably the most up to date.
4. Under the Download column click the Arrow which will download the driver pack for you
5. Under the INF column download the Modded INF that corresponds to that driver pack
6. Once the files are downloaded extract the .EXE file to a directory. For simplicity i create a directory driver on the c:\
7. Copy the .INF file into the new directory and when it asks replace the existing one.
8. Carry out the Installation as normal
9. Hey Presto! Welcome to a life of new drivers!

Any comments greatly welcomed

Welcome to Ask Your Blog!

Hello and Welcome to Ask Your Blog. I am the sort of guy like many of you out there that gets fed up searching the internet for hours on end for the answer to something only to find that the answer was only a single click away on a Google search. Anyways I have set this blog up to try and aid people who are asking the same questions as me on the internet and hopefully give some guidance as to where to get the answers!

To all those car owners who relentlessly search the internet for the best price on car parts, or how to fix minor electrical problems, I do sympathise. The internet has alot of information its finding the right, relevant information thats the problem.

To anyone who has searched the internet for the latest nvidia gforce drivers for their laptop (Nvidia don't actually supply them) I feel for you.

These are just two examples of times when I have spent too much time only to get a quick answer. Keep an eye out and maybe the right answer will be in this very blog. Only one click away

And to answer your first question. That photo at the top of my blog was taken in Mount Charles, Co. Donegal, Ireland! Its a lovely spot if not a bit baron. Welcome to my blog people!

Feel free to start comments on any blog or link to any information that you may find useful.

as a wise man once said

"Without Application, Knowledge is Useless."